Wellness Consultation

"I met with Renee for a consultation and it was fabulous!! She gave me a comprehensive questionnaire before we met. Her approach is very holistic and she explored every aspect of my well-being. She is warm, caring and very knowledgeable. Renee came up with a wonderful individualized wellness plan for me including a homemade tea for relaxation and dried flowers for my baths. I couldn't be happier with my experience!!"

B. Scott, N. Charleston, SC

Please be sure to include your phone number in the message part so that I can call and/or text within 24-48 hours!

I am so excited that you would like to work with me on an herbal wellness protocol. It is my intent to provide you with the most comprehensive advice to establish your optimal mental, physical, emotional & spiritual wellness needs.



There are 3 ways to contact me in regards to setting up an appointment. You can email me (FourRoomHerbals@gmail.com), call me 843.532.5683, or use the form at the bottom of this page. Appointment times vary, but I'm available Monday - Saturday, 10 am - 7 pm EST.  If you require a time outside of these hours, please let me know.


Once we've established a time for your consult, I'll email you a Client Questionnaire form for you to fill out and return to me prior to your visit. Please allow 30 - 45 minutes to fill out this form thoroughly and thoughtfully. If there are questions that you are uncomfortable answering, please leave them blank. The initial consultation visit will last between 1 - 1.5 hours. After the consult you will receive an herbal protocol within 2 days, addressing all areas of concern noted during our visit. This protocol will include custom herbal formulations along with dietary & lifestyle suggestions. The cost of the herbal formulations is not included in the cost of the consult. The price for these item(s) will be listed separately. Depending on the conditions addressed in your consultation, at least one follow-up session will be necessary to monitor & adjust your protocol. Follow-ups typically occur 1 to 2 weeks after protocol started.


Initial Consultation = $60 (This includes up to a 1.5-hour visit and a custom herbal protocol)

Follow-up Sessions = $30 (This includes a 30 - 60 minute visit to review your current wellness status and to make any adjustments, if necessary)

Custom Herbal Formulations = $15+ (Price is determined by the number of herbs, method of taking herbs: tea, tincture, capsules, lotion/cream, and the length of time suggested for improved wellness)

Payments are due at the time of each appointment and product pick up, and you may pay by cash, check or charge. If you are unable to afford these fees and costs; please let me know.  At times I can arrange for a sliding scale, payment plan, or barter arrangement.  These must be discussed and determined prior to your appointment.

Shanequa Renee Singletary

Certified Community Herbalist

"Just wanted to take a minute and share with everyone following Four Room Herbals, what my 6 week old Maggie looks like after having 5 teaspoons of tummy ease tea by this company! Love, love, love it! We also have done a bath in camomile from this company which calmed and soothed my sweet girl! Thank you Four Room Herbals!!"

K. Teal, Chesterfield, SC

"I absolutely love ❤ the Elderberry syrup! Great taste and tons of health benefits. Elderberry Syrup is taken daily in my household by everyone. I also love the liver detox tea and the center me tea. Very fresh organic ingredients with a nice light flavor that balances the tastebuds with an overall calming effect."

A. Fletcher, Orlando, FL